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mod//I'm baccccckkkk

I'm back from Disney World and I had a wonderful time. I met my idol, you'll see a picture of her :-D! Well, here are pictures


the very best rollercoaster I've ever been on

me and Jessie with our antennas

I'm a princess so of course I had to take a picture of the sign over the restroom that said princess!

me and my gorgeous roommates!

the huge bag of shit I bought...I had two more of them

if anyone recognizes this from a TV show I'll give you a cookie

DHS band...the whole reason we went down

me and jessie, my other lovely roommate and best friend before the big dance

Kelsey and Ashley

Colleen, Amber, Emily, Jessie, and Me in the mirror in line for a rollercoaster

please excuse that I'm fat and the wife beater under my shirt is torn

me and Jessie in Minnie's living room

also please excuse that half of these are sideways. Altering them is just too much work for me

I kissed Pooh Bear!

man minnie mouse was annoying

I <3 those two!

M-I-C-K-E-Y  M-O-U-S-E

Belle's enchanted rose

Belle's story time

ME AND MY IDOL! I love Belle so much, she's a goddess! I told her I wanted to be her

Time for you guys to be jealous! Look how close I got to John Stamos

Ey Ca Rumba Papi!

Me, Jessie, Amber, Emily, and Col with RAFIKI!

Pooh made completely out of real roses

Beauty and the Beast float. It's really the only one we got to see because we were in the beginning of the parade marching with the band, but I was PLENTY happy to see it

Our gorgeous desert!

Me, Em, Col, and Amber

Nicole, Kelsey, and Me at the airport

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